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Thanksgiving & Eucharist

Posted by Remy on March 31, 2009

It’s Thanksgiving dinner and magnificent feast is presented before you. It is a time of celebration and happiness, but you want to mark it with solemnity so you bow your head, so you do not speak to your companions. The food is good, but you prefer to think about how you don’t deserve it and what suffering the cook must have undergone to prepare it. Someone calls for a song and you suggest a sad one, something that will inspire guilt in everyone. And the end of the meal you drag yourself up to the host and apologize for causing such pains. 

The next week the host invites you back again. Another huge feast, and you wonder why he keeps torturing himself like this.

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The New Terms of the Communion Argument

Posted by Remy on March 30, 2009

The paedo-communion argument is fraught with herrings. So many Biblical beside-the-points fog over the issue. Feed my lambs, tend my sheep, feed my sheep continues to be a core text for me, but I also like to use let the little children come unto me and do no thinder them for of such is the kingdom of God. And while I’m not big on the distinction when it comes to this argument I don’t mind pulling out the comment: these are the Red Letters of the Bible.

But I hardly think it is profitable to come at it from this angle, because the anti-paedo argument gives the appearance of caring a great deal about God and His sacrament, when rather it does the opposite. This is why I prefer to use the titles Pro-Paedo and Paedo-Choice. Both Paedo-Choice and Pro-Choice have an age of accountability at which the child becomes a true “son”. It’s the covenant versus Planned Brotherhood.

 They feel like they take the sacrament seriously, whereas we Paedo-communionists let any old wet-head in, but what father wouldn’t feed his son? If the Supper truly is important why would God the Father starve His children? We don’t treat our children that way. Why do we say that God does?

Paedo-Choicers want to conduct a paternity test to discover the father, but God the Father claims them, and Christ the Brother demands they feed them.

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Wachet auf

Posted by Remy on March 24, 2009


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