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Training Righteousness

Posted by Remy on April 3, 2009

Socrates. Well, and is not he who has learned carpentering a carpenter? 

Gorgias. Yes. 

Soc. And he who has learned music a musician? 

Gor. Yes. 

Soc. And he who has learned medicine is a physician, in like manner? He who has learned anything whatever is that which his knowledge makes him. 

Gor. Certainly. 

Soc. And in the same way, he who has learned what is just is just? 

Gor. To be sure. 

Soc. And he who is just may be supposed to do what is just? 

Gor. Yes. 

-from Gorgias

The secular mind is as old as dirt, and as bright. The assumption dating back to Plato and probably before, is that all wrong doing is a result of ignorance and that education is the savior. But our minds are no closer to God than our bodies and we cannot achieve salvation through education. Holiness is a habit, not head knowledge. 

Often we think, as parents and educators, that telling them what to do and punishing them when they fail satisfies our role, but if  it is a habit then we must practice it with them.

Playing sports is excellent training for children. We wouldn’t expect a child to know how to hit a baseball after being told once what to do, why do we expect a child to obey happily after being told once? Sure a child can be trained by telling them once and spanking them everytime they fail until they get it right, but is this the best way? Is this how Christ deals with us?

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