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Plato on Suffering

Posted by Remy on April 13, 2009

  • Plato argues in Gorgias that it is better to suffer wrong than to do wrong.

We can agree.

  • Plato also argues that it is always best to suffer when wrong

We disagree. God in His mercy never gives us fully what we deserve. All things begin, exist, and end in God’s mercy and grace. Even when we experience suffering it is mercifully limited.

  • For Plato the purpose of suffering is to make one into a better person

We disagree again. While it is true that we can learn from our suffering, the main role of suffering is not punishment, or educational, it is salvific. Christ took up the suffering of the world and the church is incorporated into His mission. Now we too take up the suffering of the world in order to put the world to rights.

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