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3 Points on “Hell”

Posted by Remy on April 28, 2009

This article by Jason Goroncy is one of the best survey of the problems with our view of hell I’ve ever read.

My three points on Hell:

  1. Hell is not in the Bible. There are two words in the Greek testament translated “hell”, one is Hades, the land of the dead, the other is Gehenna, the trash heap outside Jerusalem.
  2. Our view of Hell is more influenced by the Koran than from the Bible
  3. Hell is not God’s torture chamber.

7 Responses to “3 Points on “Hell””

  1. Have you read much MacDonald?

  2. Remy said

    Princess and the Goblin? I think there’s another but I don’t remember its name.

  3. Yeah, that author. Maybe the other was Princess and Curdie.

    The reason I asked is that his take on hell seems to have been similar to the one your link holds. You should read Lilith or George MacDonald, an Anthology (edited by C. S. Lewis).

  4. Remy said


  5. jon said

    Maybe the other book you’re thinking of is Phantastes. Lewis loved that book. He wrote, in the preface to his MacDonald anthology (1946):

    “It must be more than thirty years ago that I bought – almost unwillingly, for I had looked at the volume on that bookstall and rejected it on a dozen previous occasions – the Everyman edition of Phantastes. A few hours later I knew that I had crossed a great frontier. I had already been waist-deep in Romanticism; and likely enough, at any moment, to flounder into its darker and more evil forms, slithering down the steep descent that leads from the love of strangeness to that of eccentricity and thence to that of perversity. Now Phantastes was romantic enough in all conscience; but there was a difference. Nothing was at that time further from my thoughts than Christianity and I therefore had no notion what this difference really way. I was only aware that if this new world was strange, it was also homely and humble; that if this was a dream, it was one in which one at least felt strangely vigilant; that the whole book had about it a sort of cool, morning innocence, and also, quite unmistakably, a certain quality of Death, good Death. What it actually did to me was to convert, even to baptize (that was where Death came in) my imagination.”

  6. But Lilith is better.

    His short stories are also very good. Here’s an anthology of his short stories. Of note (among others) are “The Gifts of the Christ Child“, “<a href=””The Golden Key” and “The Wise Woman”.

  7. The first link doesn’t seem to work. Here it is.

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