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On Who Gets Excommunicated

Posted by Remy on May 1, 2009

I really can’t say what would happen.

Of course my suspicion is that we’re inclined to excommunicate everyone because that’s easier and it makes us feel holy and hardcore and nobody really believes that Jesus saves sinners, He must save the smart, but only the smart that are sure to say that aren’t, and those with the most impressive blueprints and dusty books, those who submit the most, whose theology is the most difficult, or mystical, or beautiful, whose head is on the straightest, because otherwise why would we go to all this trouble of thinking these fine thoughts and have such lofty warm feelings about the Church if Jesus would just let any old slumdog ignoramus who doesn’t have near the appreciation of orthodoxy that we have…

At this we will all nod piously and then mutter some shit about “lowering the bar”.

2 Responses to “On Who Gets Excommunicated”

  1. Josh said


    Good point. It’s a particular temptation to people who switch traditions, like myself, to become proud at having, supposedly, drawn closer to “the truth.” But real Truth is not absolute, it is Communal.

    As you’ve pointed out recently, I’m not a good Biblical scholar, and so I took some solace in this post. Jesus accepts sinners, He came for sinners, not for theology buffs or for those who scorn others because they lack understanding.

    It is our responsibility as Christians to throw a lasso around the Eschaton and pull it near to us; as much as we ought to hope for all men to be saved, we ought to treat them this way in this life.

    Thanks for this reminder.

  2. Remy said

    I’m as guilty as everyone else of thinking that understanding is something we earn, with blood, sweat, and intelligence. That’s not it at all, understanding is something given.

    Nonetheless, boasting tastes so good.

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