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A 2 Dollar Summary of Genesis : Creation

Posted by Remy on May 4, 2009

In order to understand the newness of the new covenant one must undergo a full study of the old world. What follows should in no way be taken as nearly so full enough as is required and even as a summary is so full of holes and gaps and omissions, and many of them unintentional, that it is only through inflation that I can even call such a measly summary a two dollar summary. This is the first step, I throw it out here so that we can bang it around to make sure we have all the necessary pieces we’ll need to understand the new world. I do not take credit for anything below aside from the mistakes, everything I know was ripped off from someone else and then probably misattributed to GK Chesterton. Mostly, however, the material is from JBJ and PJL.

First things first. There are an interconnected series of triptychs in the early part of Genesis that we need to be aware of. The three problems poised on day one, Darkness, Formlessness, and Emptiness are solved in a protological sense within the creational week, but are elemental issues we deal with in our taking dominion of the world. There are three zones to the creation, matched by three zones of the earth; Sky, Land, Waters, echoed by Garden, Eden or land, and the rest of the world (re-echoed in the temple: Courtyard, Holy Place, Holy of Holies). The Garden is the sanctuary, Eden is the land where man lives, and the rest of the world where the dominion mission takes place. Heaven, God’s throne room, is created complete on the first day, but the world is made incomplete and must be further developed. Heaven, therefore, is the model for earth and Adam is shown a blueprint of heaven in the Garden.

  • Darkness : Sky=Garden=Holy of Holies
  • Formlessness : Land=Eden=Holy Place
  • Emptiness : Water=World=Courtyard

The three “falls” of the early chapters of Genesis, the sin in the Garden, Cain’s murder of Abel, and the sin of intermarriage are the corresponding sins of the three zones of the world: sanctuary, land, world. These three sins reoccur throughout the history of Israel.

I think the three problems of day one, correspond to the three archetypal sins, which in turn break the three fold command given to Adam and Eve:

  • Darkness : Sanctuary Sins : Rule
  • Formlessness : Brother Conflict : Subdue
  • Emptiness :  Intermarriage : Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth

This tells us how to bring light into the world, tells us that the land must be subdued in order to conquer its formlessness, and to fill it means (among other things) raising up covenant children.

Just one other detail we need to notice before moving on. There is only one day that is not pronounced good at its conclusion, day two. This is significant because on that day there is a barrier of water separating God’s throne room from the world. Heaven and earth are not yet made one, this is the mission, still ours today, to unite heaven and earth. This barrier is not good, the world created by God is not finished, it is immature, and He places His image in the world to take up this mission alongside Him. Once the time was right this barrier would have been drawn back, but due to the sin of Adam further barriers would be put up. We’ll look at those barriers later, but for now what can I add or explain?

2 Responses to “A 2 Dollar Summary of Genesis : Creation”

  1. Josh said

    I’ve got no reason to strongly dispute any of this, but I’m most interested in what isn’t here. I think the only thing I want explained is “(among other things).” What else you thinking here?

  2. Remy said

    Oh you know, art, theology, making cool things, space exploration, et cetera et cetera.

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