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10 Bad Assumptions in Raising Children : Assumption Number 4

Posted by Remy on May 25, 2009

There are several assumptions parents make that are detrimental to their children. As a parent who teaches I am afforded the opportunity to spend time thinking of ways to train children. This is not to say that I’ve figured anything out, I have three rascally boys all under the age of five, so what do I know, right? But because it is my job to train children, both as parent and teacher, I know that good thoughts only follow thoughts and I have thoughts. What follows is a few thoughts that strike me as important, but are also not emphasized enough. These are not meant to detract from any other fine advice, but to compliment it.

 10. Churchtime is Time to Sit Still and Quiet

9. Words are Bad

8. God is Always Watching 

7. Obedience is Most Important

6. Bad Examples are Bad

5. Sex is a Secret

4. Sin is Always Punished

The purpose of punishment is not to teach kids what they deserve (unless you want to execute them, but even then if punishment does not reflect the true God then to hell with it). The purpose of punishment is to teach them happiness and reveal the nature of God. To punish all sin (or all sins you know about) is not to accurately portray the living God.

I always think of Yahweh’s treatment of Israel in the Book of Samuel. Back in Deuteronomy Moses warns them that if they disobey they would be judged and sent into exile. They sin and God sends Himself into exile. The Philistines take the ark of the Covenant, Yahweh sends them plagues and exoduses Himself. Even after this Israel continues to live idolatrously, but instead of wiping them off the map God places them in Babylon where they gain prestige and power. Even in the judgment God is merciful and blesses Israel.

This and many other delays of God’s judgment reveal what is repeated again and again in His word that He is slow to anger and plenteous in mercy. Even when judgment comes it is blunted and sometimes outright blessing.

What this means for parents is that in every judgment we should seek to reveal God’s mercy, sometimes this means a complete commuting of the sentence for the sake of Jesus, other times it might mean a reminder that even in judgment the Lord is good. Conveying anger is easy, but mercy is a difficult and -on the face of things- a reckless response to sin, but one that must be used to reveal the true God.

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