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10 Bad Assumptions in Raising Children : Assumption #2

Posted by Remy on June 9, 2009

There are several assumptions parents make that are detrimental to their children. As a parent who teaches I am afforded the opportunity to spend time thinking of ways to train children. This is not to say that I’ve figured anything out, I have three rascally boys all under the age of five, so what do I know, right? But because it is my job to train children, both as parent and teacher, I know that good thoughts only follow thoughts and I have thoughts. What follows is a few thoughts that strike me as important, but are also not emphasized enough. These are not meant to detract from any other fine advice, but to compliment it.

10. Churchtime is Time to Sit Still and Quiet

9. Words are Bad

8. God is Always Watching

7. Obedience is Most Important

6. Bad Examples are Bad

5. Sex is a Secret

4. Sin is Always Punished

3. Training is Telling

2.  Sorry is Sufficient

“Sorry” is not the same as “forgive me”. “Sorry” may or may not be true, or may be true in the wrong sense. We don’t want our children to be sorry that they were caught, that’s a good thing. Even being sorry for doing wrong isn’t enough. When someone sins against another we aren’t required to be sorry; we are required to repent and ask forgiveness.

There are some very healthy ramifications to saying “forgive me”. For one it forces submission on the guilty party. For some reason the world is highly offended by the ability to forgive, as though to do so is arrogant. More likely the reason is that they don’t want endure the humility required in seeking forgiveness.

Another advantage is that it provokes a response of forgiveness from the transgressed. Saying “sorry” may only raise doubts about sincerity, but having the aggrieved party forgive discharges the need for revenge.

This is one of the ways Christians separate themselves from the world. We take responsibility for our actions. We are commanded to do justly. In those times we fail, we are to repent and ask to be forgiven, loving mercy and walking humbly.


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