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A Few Thoughts on Love

Posted by Remy on June 11, 2009

I recently heard an atheist complain that what he found so offensive about Christianity was that his love was demanded. As an unbeliever, and therefore one who does not take responsibility for anything including his ability to love, we should not be surprised at this. 

But this is surprising:

1 John 4:19 is translated: “We loved him because He first loved us.” but the Greek doesn’t say that. It says “We love, because He first loved us.” We have the ability to love, because we are loved.

Only the Trinitarian God is love and only from the Trinitarian God can we love. Christianity has been and is at the forefront of all manifestations of love.

Consider marriage. Love as a prerequisite for marriage is a new thing. Prior to this marriages were political, for social standing, for convenience. Only in the Bible are Husbands called to love their wives, and the older women are to teach the younger to love their husbands. But as we’ve matured things have changed.

We now cannot envision a world in which there is not romantic love prior to marriage.

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