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50 Best Catholic Films

Posted by Remy on August 18, 2009


Some surprises on the list and some notable ommissions, but I was quite glad that Bleu made the list, as it is one of my all time favorites. Funny that Chariots of Fire is on the list. If I remember correctly he leaves the Roman Church and dies a Protestant.

What movie would you add and which would you replace?

6 Responses to “50 Best Catholic Films”

  1. Re “Chariots of Fire,” Eric Liddell was born and died a Presbyterian. Harold Abrahams was born a Jew and died a Catholic. This isn’t mentioned in the film, but the story is bookended without explanation by Abrahams’ clearly Christian funeral. I don’t think that has anything to do with why the film made the list, though.

  2. Remy said

    Ah. It’s been too long since I’ve seen that movie. Thanks for straightening me out.

    I suppose if you’ll put Groundhog’s Day on the list you can pretty much put anything with a church in it.

  3. The director of Groundhog’s Day said he didn’t think it could be called Buddhist, but it was surely Buddhish. Catholic is not Buddhist.

  4. Remy said

    Well, I think I’d take the movie as Christian.

    But on a list of movies that are distinctly Roman Catholic I’d probably pass.

  5. kyriosity said

    “Luther” would’ve been a funny addition to the list.

  6. inthecedarroom said

    The notion that Alfred Hitchcock was a “practicing Catholic” doesn’t really shed a good light on the act of practicing anything.

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