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5 Myths / Urban Legends about John Calvin

Posted by Remy on October 8, 2009

Myth No.1: John Calvin was a sour puss.

Myth No.2: Calvin was a tyrant.

Myth No.3: Calvin and Calvinism are identical.

Myth No. 4: Calvin was a religious fanatic.

Myth No. 5: Calvin was sadistic.

from Michael Jinkins via Per Crucem ad Lucem

One Response to “5 Myths / Urban Legends about John Calvin”

  1. Myth No. 6: Calvin invited Mike Servetus for beer summit prior to his execution.

    Myth No. 7: Calvin created sample used in DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat.”

    Myth No. 9: Clark Pinnock found one of John Calvin’s fingers battered and fried in bucket of KFC Extra Tasty Crispy.

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