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My Third Favorite Prayer Ever

Posted by Remy on October 9, 2009

O God, our heavenly Father; We thank Thee for all things beautiful and good which Thou has made. We praise Thee for all the joy and happiness of our lives; For the land of our birth; For the homes in which we live; And for our friends. We praise Thee that Thou didst send to us the Lord Jesus Christ; That He gave us an example of how we ought to live; That He died for us upon the cross; That He rose again from the dead, and ever prays for us. Help us to remember all that Thou hast given to us; And to love Thee with all our heart; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord; To whom, with Thee and the Holy Spirit, be the glory and the praise, for evermore. Amen.

2 Responses to “My Third Favorite Prayer Ever”

  1. jon said

    Is this yours or did you find it somewhere? Looking forward to second and first…

  2. Remy said

    It’s in the Geneva Chapel book, which means it was pulled out of the Book of Prayer. The first favorite prayer is the Lord’s. I’ll put up my second favorite sometime.

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