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In Defense of the Platypus

Posted by Remy on April 8, 2010

With nothing but the straightest face
created He the platypus,
but when He made a joke for them,
(“They’ll get a kick out of this” He said)
and made the monkeys humanlike,
mankind missed the jest,
and through colossal dot to dots
connected man to all the rest;
amoebas and fleas were easy jumps
once past whales, camels, and crocodiles,
and all the while the platypus,
in disgust, was written off.
An aberration or joke at best.
But He’ll insist that though we’ll list
together man, monkey, and mice
in a giant convoluted tree,
that the platypus will but be a good design
(considering terrain and His eternal plan).
Time will come when we’ll see
that monkeys monkey us with their hands,
laughing at our foolishness.
Apes, orangutans, and all -they’ll roll their eyes
and waddle behind out backs
while we make science of knock-knock jokes.


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