Carne Levare

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Why “Carne Levare”?

I started theWholeGardenWillBow with the idea of being thankful for the world. I also wanted to interact with the internet in a different way than my previous blog Gloryisabrokenhill, which was mostly theological sensationalism and controversy mixed with my own brand of counsel. Now that I’ve practiced gratitude I thought I might be ready to try the wordy-wordy side of reformed blogging again. We’ll see if I can stay out of trouble and be a benefit to the www.

I chose to title this blog Carne Levare because I like phrases that have very open meanings. One could go in many directions as to what it means, but the most literal is “to raise flesh”. This is where we get the word “carnival” and it is the carne, meat/flesh, that makes up “incarnation”. Raised flesh is also a scar, and raising flesh could mean raising children, and resurrection.

I am Remy Wilkins, I teach at Geneva Academy in Monroe, LA. I worship at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church. I am married to Bethany, and currently have four sons: Archer, Jaiken, Oz and Tallis.

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